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I would like to take the this moment to apologize to everybody in the Internet Community.   I started my on-line presence in 2000 when I took it onto myself to try to give those Trans living in the dangerous Middle East a ray of hope. That first web site "Cafe Trans Arabi" still exist today . Along the way my desire to help expanded to include all Trans Persons World Wide and The International Transsexual Sisterhood was born. Other Web Sites came along such as Trans World News and many MSN Groups so that those needing fellowship could interact with each other. I did my best with my educational background to provide Fellowship, Support, Encouragement, and Pride within our Community. When I didn't have the answers I did my best to find out where to send them for the answers they needed. Many times along the way I stepped on the toes of others or got my toes stepped on trying to do what I thought was best or right. I made many mistakes and for that I apologize to all who felt I over stepped my bounds or for those whom I let down. Negative forces came into my life at the end of 2006 that caused me to take a step backward to take a good look at what it was that I really should be doing with my time, energy and money. Most of my web sites have been closed for the time being. Having medical issues of my own that need to be dealt with , I sincerely hope to one day make a come back into Our Community